XL5200 machine in Singapore factory floor

Maximize Your Printing Potential with the HP PageWide XL Pro 5200

The ultimate solution, is for the fastest print machine in Singapore.



If you’re looking for a large format printer that can help you respond quickly to customer demands and expand your business, the HP PageWide XL Pro 5200 is an excellent choice. With its impressive speed and versatility, this printer is capable of handling a wide range of printing projects with ease.


One of the standout features of the HP PageWide XL Pro 5200 is its speed. It is capable of delivering 20 D/A1 pages per minute, making it one of the fastest large-format printers on the market. This speed allows you to deliver full large-format printing projects in half the time by printing mixed outputs.

In addition to its speed, the HP PageWide XL Pro 5200 is also designed for versatility. It is capable of printing on a variety of materials, including board applications, cardstock, and paper ranging from A2 to B1 in size and up to 3/8 inches in thickness. It is also capable of printing on both single and dual sideboards and sheets, allowing you to create a range of short-term retail posters.

Another key feature of the HP PageWide XL Pro 5200 is its efficiency. It is designed to help you increase revenue and reduce costs, with a single HP-branded solution that enables a rapid return on investment. It also has the potential to save you up to 50% in preparation and finishing costs, as well as up to 10 times lower energy consumption compared to other LED printers.


The HP PageWide XL Pro 5200 is a fast and efficient large-format printer that is perfect for businesses looking to respond quickly to customer demands and expand their offerings. With its impressive speed, versatility, and efficiency, it is capable of handling a wide range of printing projects with ease.



Get Your Prints Fast and Furious with the HP Pagewide XL8200 PRO

Visit :www.uscsolns.com or http://www.largeformatspecialist.com.sg:

If you’re in the market for a large format printer that can handle high volumes of prints with speed and precision, the HP Pagewide XL8200 PRO is a perfect choice. This state-of-the-art machine is capable of printing directly onto the cut sheet, foam boards, and a variety of other materials, making it ideal for a wide range of applications. This is especially great for Singapore because there is no need for waiting for anything to be printed, its as you want when you want it.


One of the standout features of the HP Pagewide XL8200 PRO is its speed. It is the fastest large-format printer on the market, capable of printing up to 500 square meters per hour. This makes it perfect for high-volume printing jobs, such as POP displays, stickers, and labels.

  1. Fast response to meet tight deadlines
    2. Speeds of up to 30 A1 pages per minute
    3. Ability to print mixed outputs quickly
    4. Ability to print on single and dual side-boards and sheets
    5. Low running costs with 3-liter Original HP ink cartridges
    6. Potential to save up to 50% in preparation and finishing costs

In addition to its speed, the HP Pagewide XL8200 PRO is also designed for precision. It uses HP’s Pagewide technology, which allows for accurate and consistent printing across the entire page. This makes it ideal for printing high-quality graphics and text.


The versatility of the HP Pagewide XL8200 PRO makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition to printing POP displays, stickers, and labels, it is also well-suited for printing large quantities of marketing materials, such as brochures and flyers.


If you’re in need of a reliable and fast large-format printer, the HP Pagewide XL8200 PRO is an excellent choice. Its speed and precision make it ideal for high-volume printing jobs, and its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

MUST KNOW SECRETS BEFOR YOU RENT A PLOTTER FOR A1 AND A0 Drawings! Avoid Painful And Expensive Mistakes!

Can you and or should you rent a large format plotter in singapore?

Well , in short yes you should go for a rental model however you need to consider a few things before you do. In this post you will find some suggestions that will help you understand what is involved when you choose to go down this route.

We can rent a number of machines we specialise in HP Designjets, HP Pagewide XL machines, And HP T3600 XL MFP. Since we are a corporate resller for hewlette packard in singapore rest assured the prices you will get from us will be the very best.

So lets get to it, what do we mean by renting a machine?

A rental is often misunderstood, by many of our clients, so let me explain. You can “rent” or “lease” a machine from us for a set period of time, during that time we USC Solutions will be in charge of the up keep and maintenance of the machine. The minimum duration for a rental is not how most would understand of it being 3-6 months , but the minimum rental duration is anywhere from 2 to 5 years. Then at the end of this rental period the machine is then collected back by the finance company, or in some cases you are able to purchase the machine for continued use at the end of the lease. Do bear in mind however, if you do extend beyond the lease contract you must sign a service agreement with USC solutions in order to continue to deal with the upkeep of the machine.

What do we choose to rent a plotter machine?

Here are some reasons why you would choose to rent instead of purchase a machine outright from us.

  • There is less one time capital expenditure
  • You treat the rental as an expense for your accounting purposes
  • You don’t have to worry about disposing or what to do with the machine at the end of the lease
  • your project is not going to be so long
  • Attractive interest rates being offered by financial institutions.

The top reason that most of our clients prefer to rent a large format plotter from us, is because they prefer to preserve their cash and pay monthly. To give you an example

Suppose you were to buy a plotter that was worth $19,000, that $19K would be a cash outlay.

Instead if we were do do a rental programme for 5 years at an interest rate of only 2.8% , that would mean that monthly you should be looking at a payment of $361 per month.

Given the two choices many clients choose to rent the machine, after all if you rent certain machines from us we will supply you printheads, inks, service and support for the duration of the 5 years. So you are rest assured that your machine and productivity is not at all compromised.

In what case should we rent a machine?

Namely i would advice you to rent a machine if you have a set duration for a project and after that do not want to use this machine. I also would encourage you to rent a machine if you are an organization that likes to upgrade or practices upgrading infrastructure every 5 years. This is so that your technology is not old and is able to grow with you and your business.

Should you have any more questions or would like to find out more feel free to contact us : marco@uscgp.com

or call me at 90266787.

Top 5 Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Large Format CAD Plotter!

How can you avoid making mistakes when choosing your next plotter machine, this is absolutely critical and something which you the user must be aware of in order to avoid any costly mistakes that may take place.

Here are 5 things that you absolutely must know about when it comes to choosing and selecting the ideal plotter for your company and organization. This list provides you a handy guide to choosing the right A0 & A1 Plotter here in Singapore.

1. Choose an Authorised Reseller / Partner:

  • Always check with the company or manufacturer if the product you are purchasing is from an authorized reseller or partner.
  • Failure to do so will cause you and your organization a myriad of problems as you progress forward, especially in terms of the costs you are paying and the consumables you are purchasing.
  • In some cases, we have seen very cheap machines from reputed brands going to customers however they are often refurbished or second hand.
  • The unauthorized reseller will simply sell you the machine without any proper warranty and there might be hidden costs when it comes to services which you will inadvertently incur.
  • Our Company USC Solutions Pte Ltd is not only an authorized Desngjet business partner, and we are also a technical Designjet partner so rest assured that when you purchase from us you are purchasing the very latest at the best price and the highest quality.

2. Beware of companies overcharging you by way of monthly rental

  • In a recent case we encountered, a customer was being offered a seemingly low monthly amount from an errant supplier.
  • In a recent case, we encountered a customer who was being charged $190/month x 60 months for an entry-level large-format multifunctional printer.
  • The total cost came up to : $11,400 !!
  • The actual cost of the machine if you were to purchase outright would only be $5900!!
  • The customer was overcharged by almost two times the amount!
  • When you enter into any monthly rental by way of lease or hire purchase , always find out what is the interest rate you will pay, usually in singapore it ranges from 2.9% to 4.5% depending on the mechanics of the program
  • Secondly, always check with other vendors what is the outright price of the machine and then make your decision from there.
  • It is sad to see so many non-authorised suppliers behaving and offering customers solutions such as these which is a disservice to the customers.

3. Track Record and Proof of Works Conducted

  • Since there are such a high number of sellers and the ease in which an online store can be started. It is extremely difficult to avoid thinking that the company you are purchasing from is competent to conduct the works.
  • A recent search on Lazada shows a great number of vendors listing large format equipment, however, these vendors are either not authorized vendors or they really have no experience in setting up and providing a useful solution for the customers.
  • Always, always insist that the vendor you are engaging has a track record of installations from companies that are reputable.
  • USC Solutions Pte Ltd, has installed, maintained, delivered and serviced a large number of customers that range from reputable private companies to government sectors.

4. Trained and certified Service and Support

  • A recent case also involved a machine being supplied to a reputable construction company in Singapore.
  • This company purchased the machine however did not inquire or ask who would service the machine they purchased.
  • They paid a hefty price for their mistake, the machine was purchased at over $15,000 and the machine broke down and once again they had to pay a further amount in order to fix the machine.
  • Always insist that you are covered by a warranty program and the person who is selling you the machine has a team of certified engineers ready to fix the machine should it require servicing

5. Engage With Qualified and Competent Award Winning Sales People

  • Most salespeople you will encounter will generally not take the time to really understand the issues you are facing.
  • They are there to move a box and not a solution.
  • Boxes are great, but solutions are much better. The investment you are making such as a printer will be with you and your company for a number of years. So if you make a decision that is incorrect it will be a waste of money and time for you and your organization.
  • Do not be easily swayed by High trade-in values, as usually, these are just a way to mask the true value of a machine.
  • Do not be taken by the additional free gifts that are on offer such as, mobile phones, laptops or other goodies which are most likely costed into your purchase price.
  • Be vigilant towards the demeanor and competence of the salesperson and when possible try to view a demo of the machine.
  • Viewing a demo of a machine will allow viewing the company set up and also give accreditation to the authority of the company.
  • USC Solutions Pte Ltd has been in Singapore since 1958 and we continue to be the leading provider of Large Format Solutions.
  • In addition to that, we have received multiple awards from manufacturers and continue to strive to be the best.


In closing, always try to verify the validity of statements and do some research before investing your companies money into any solution. Speak to other customers who own the machine and make an educated decision based on your research. We at USC Solutions Pte Ltd, adhere to the highest standards of providing our customers with great machines at great prices with a solid technical support. Do visit our website at www.uscsolns.com for more information. If you are looking for reprographic machines we also have a site dedicated for this and you may visit www.largeformatspecialist.com.sg.

best UV flatbed Printer in singapore

What is UV Flatbed Printer/ Printing all about?

Print On Golf Balls, Bags, Gifts, Leather, Acrylic and so much more!


In this blog post i would like to take some time to explain what UV printing is all about, some recommendations of UV printing machines that are available in Singapore.

So lets start of with some basics, there are many types of ink inkjet machines and models, also there are a number of ink formulations which are available. It is important to realise that there is no ‘single’ machine capable of doing everything which you need. That is because the surface on which the ink lands can be different, so if you want to print on eg. leather the machine and the ink formula must allow your ink to bond successfully with the ‘substrate’.

UV printing in Singapore is fairly new, and this is how the ink works. Ink is released from the print head and here’s where the magic happens..immediately upon its release and landing on your substrate it is cured. Which means you are able to print on virtually any type of substrate or surface without first treating the surface or purchasing media that has to be coated. That is a game changing technology !

Traditionally if you were to print on leather, you would use a process called silk screening whereby you would apply colors one at a time, but then you would need to make individual screens and the process is extremely time consuming not to mention labor intensive. UV printing is what is here to reduce the reliance of silk screening and digitizing the whole process.

So in a nutshell , the UV printing process is much simpler and all you need to do is load the item or product you wish to print on, position it and press the print button. This allows you to get creative…..and i really do mean creative!

So besides just doing the regular type of printing which may range from logo, some graphics etc. UV printing has an extremely distinct advantage. This advantage will literally blow your mind! Printing with our printers allow you to now create effects, such as emboss, spot gloss, textures, and unique patterns. Read on to see this little experiment which i did using our UV printers.

Faux Snake Skin EZ-Link Card

In the above image, i wanted to have the most unique Ez-link card in Singapore! So i decided that i would print out a snake skin texture directly onto the surface of this card.

So , i went on google and searched for snake skin images, which i then put into photo shop and added the text to. Once that was complete i sent it to the Mutoh 426 UH printer and the machine did the rest. Meaning, the texture was automatically created by the machine!

So if you take a close look at the image you will see where the text is embossed also you will notice the snake skin texture along the card, there is a slight bleed through from the image at the back, which can be easily corrected by printing a black layer first and then the textures on top.

Think of all the things you could possibly create with the UV printer!

Key Inks

The UV printer uses primarily 4 colors (CMYK) , however you will realise if for example you would like to print on black leather, you won’t be able to do that if you just use 4 colors. This is the reason why our UV machine comes with White+ Varnish.

White ink serves to add a layer of white behind a dark surface in order to create contrast and vibrancy, so when you are considering a UV printer for your gift printing or future business it is important to select a machine which gives you the best White. There are a number of machines available in the market and i find some of  them to yellow quickly or the white is simply not that white….which to put it bluntly sucks because then the rest of the colors are affected. So that’s my biggest tip for you!

Secondly, varnish. This ink ..well its not really an ‘ink’ per say however it is a liquid that adds gloss and additional fixation properties to a UV print. If you wish to do things like spot gloss or create beautiful prints on black surfaces just using varnish. This machine will surely be up to the task.

Details and text

With UV printing, because of the properties of instant drying, printing out it incredibly small text and fonts is achieved with the greatest of ease and accuracy. The ink simply does not have time to smear (i am talking on a microscopic level) it dries immediately when it makes contact with the surface so it retains all the possible details.

Would you believe it , it can print as small as a 3 pt text which basically looks like this :


This level of super fine detail is almost unheard of, however it just goes to show you the technical prowess of the capabilities of this UV printing machine. A good example of when you may need to print this small, is from one of my customers who prints the watch faces directly onto the metal to allow for customization of watches for their individual clients. Pretty nifty to own a watch which has your name on it !


There are no doubt a tonne of applications that can be used with our printer. The ability to print on almost anything is a BIG deal. If you are thinking about starting your own brand or business, you could source your products and then ship them over to Singapore and brand them accordingly. Then you would have the option of adding texture, details and other featured enhancements which would create a definite value for your product.

The biggest problem that we have in the Singapore gift market is the problem of MOQ! If you have ever tried sourcing for your companies corporate gifts you will know what i mean, just after you have selected your gift the next question would be “how many of this do you need?” This forces customer to sometimes purchase more than they need, worse they purchase generic gifts for their customers. So if you were thinking about giving a real special gift to your top 50 customers, you wouldn’t be able to do so simply because it would cost too much to run an MOQ and this would be extremely prohibitive. So having or knowing someone who has a UV printer would make it simple to run small batches quickly.

What about name cards! we use them everyday, however most name cards are printed on 300 gsm stock card and are at best simple and easily forgotten! Well with a printer like this you could offer customers a service of creating exquisite name cards printed on laminated bamboo as an example! You could add color, texture and gloss and create the most amazing name cards ever!

So as you can see, the versatility of these printers and the technology truly make it a great investment if you are ready to get creative and carve out markets where no one has ventured to yet !

Contact us today to schedule a demonstration or just to learn more! We are always happy to help.

Watch This: What we used to do (CNBC Interview) & How we evolved To What We do Now!

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Roth + Weber : Introducing The Only Made In Germany A0/A1 size Plotter and Printer.


A Clean, Productive and Reliable Workhorse Rowe Large Format Monochrome plotter

Roth+Weber, or ROWE as it is most commonly known as, has been in the wide format market for almost 60 years! You may not have heard of this brand before, but it is set to make big waves in the monochrome printing market here in Singapore.

Why? you may be wondering. Well in order to know the answer to this question it is important to know a little more about this company so that you have a better understanding.

First here are some facts that you should be familiar with before going forward :

  1.  It is the only large format laser machine that is still wholly manufactured in Germany.
  2. Through USC Solutions Pte Ltd, full support is provided along with all spare parts and key personnel trained to handle this machine here in Singapore
  3. It is extremely reliable and a true workhorse.
  4. Rowe is a focused manufacturer that only deals with Large Format equipment and unlike other manufacturers with many different product lines, Rowe remains purely in the large format market.
  5. ROWE has won a number of awards and accolades in terms of technology, some larger brands have only recently been ‘inspired’ by Rowe product designs.

So, let’s explore this company a little more in depth. The company as a leading manufacturer of perfect solutions for A0 document processing develops and produces all products within its facility- 100 % Made in Germany.

ROWE has been concentrating on specialization in wide format for more than 60 years. Scanners, printers, controllers, folding systems and cutting technology developed and manufactured by us.

The decisive advantage for the customer is obvious: all ROWE products are absolutely compatible with each other thereby ensuring efficient mapping of business processes. In addition to this, because ROWE is so focused on the large format industry, it knows intrinsically the needs and demands of users.

The medium-sized organization with its headquarter in Niederdreisbach (Rhineland-Palatinate) was founded in 1955. Today the company has achieved an international reputation and is active in over 90 countries all over the world. This worldwide phenomenon is accelerated by the simple fact, that customers trust and rely on products made in Germany more than any other country. The dedication to quality and performance while still maintaining affordability is the key to ROWE success.

One reason for this is the absolute focus on research and development. The most important drive for innovative activity is the company’s own center for research and development. This area was extended yet again in summer 2015 by the construction of a second test center.

ROWE is one of the most innovative IT companies in Germany and was awarded the “Goldmedaille der deutschen Weltmarktführer” (Gold Medal of German World Market Leaders) twice at the same time. In the two categories “The World Market Leaders” and “The Family Business”, ROWE was given the awards for its previous successes and its future prospects. The awards were presented in Berlin by German Foreign Secretary Frank-Walter Steinmeier.


There are so many customers, who worry about reliability and performance. They also often ask me where the machines i propose to them are manufactured in. So usually i have to reply, china. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a made in china product especially when it comes with a full warranty and supported by a big name brand.

The crux of the matter is, given a choice, many Singaporeans would pound for pound purchase a German Made machine vs a China Made machine.

The issue is, that all of the large manufacturers who are in this industry are making their machines in China or nearby countries. This leaves the customer with really no choice.  Secondly, the perception of a ‘made in Germany’ product is that it will be exceedingly expensive compared to its nearest competitor. Well, this is a myth, the machines that are made by Rowe are extremely affordable and when comparing between machines a quality, precision made and versatile solution like Rowe will always come out tops.

So stay tuned, as we delve into each of these machines and learn more about why this large format machine is set to make waves in Singapore.

If you would like to see the machine for yourself, do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you a full understanding and demonstration of the marvelous piece of technology.

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Fastest A1 and A0 Large Format Plotter In SG.

The Fastest Possible Large format A1 and A0 wide format plotter in Singapore.

Print Color and Black and White Faster than ever!


When it comes to plan drawings, especially those used in construction and engineering. Many customers are still using a traditional large format laser printer to get the job done. This is primarily because it has been the best option for those customers who need fast print outs and are concerned about costs.

The truth is, another alternative does exist, and this comes from the revolutionary Pagewide series of large format machines. It promises to be a game-changing technology capable of replacing multiple units of machines into a consolidated device powerful enough to meet the needs and demands of its users. The best part, its faster and cheaper to print in both color and black and white than all existing current technology.

In this article, i would like to highlight the very basics of this technology and then expand upon it with machines in this series.

The major problem that faces many companies today is productivity, productivity and the lack thereof has a ripple effect within any organization. One of the things all offices do on a regular basis is print, be it drawings or documents. The printing process can be either a seamless workflow or it can be extremely cumbersome, it is the difference between long hours or going back on time.

I know it may sound silly, to think that a printer can have such implications, however, do take a look at this video to understand a little more about why a seamless workflow is important especially in peak periods. Although the video is highlight issues within a print service providers environment, similar situations occur in large format printing in offices all over Singapore.


So how and what is Pagewide Technology, simply put as the name implies pagewide is a technology that caters for printing over the entire “page-width” hence the name page wide. The general understanding of inkjet printers is that it is a single printhead that moves back and forth at the same time with the paper moving forward. This technology means that instead of moving the printheads, the entire width of the printable area is covered by a printhead and now the paper travels beneath it. So the only thing that moves is the paper moving forward! Take a look at this video to understand this technology.


The resulting effect of this is that now you have large format printers, printing in seconds vs what would take a traditional inkjet printer much longer to complete. Now i know some of you who are used to “laser printing” will have reservations and i encounter this very often, my customers often ask me “marco won’t prints printed with inkjet smudge or smear when it comes in contact with water?”

This is probably something you also consider when purchasing a printer, to this i say all prints that are printed with HP Pagewide technology are water resistant and will not smear or smudge when it comes into contact with water..more about that in another article.

So now that you know a little bit about the technology this is the result of the pure speeds the machines can achieve, 

  • 6 A1/min , 10 A1/min, 15 A1/Min, 20 A1/min and the fastest 30 A1/min
  • Now imagine a full color A1 drawing being completed in just 3 seconds and costs almost identically to a monochrome print.

The value of the proposition is exceedingly high, because what you have achieved if you choose to invest in this system is reduced costs per copy for color prints, top notch productivity, drawings which now can work as tools and fewer devices for your IT team to manage.

Lets face it, we live in a world full of color. Displays keeps getting better and better each day. Softwares such as BIM and other tools which are now being deployed in the reprographics market aim to give architects, engineers, consultants and more the right tool for doing the right job.  The future of printing and print technologies will move away from laser machines and now be enabled in devices such as these.

We will elaborate more in the coming blogposts, however if what we have said to you appeals to you and you would like to know more, feel free to contact me or to learn more.




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Best Color Plotter In Singapore!

Hey, folks! well, this is part 2 of my previous blog post on the best large format plotter your company can buy for their large format printing needs. I highly recommend that you read before continuing this article.We covered in the previous article a couple of points, that had to do with the stacker function and the scanner function. In this article, we shall go a little deeper.

Ink Systems:

The HP T3500 comes with a total of 6 ink cartridges, that compromises of cyan, magenta, yellow, Black, Grey, and Photo Black. This is for good reason too! These days there has been an increased emphasis on BIM, 3D renderings, and far more complex drawings. In order to capture the full spectrum of colors that need to be present for some real jaw dropping print quality! Of course, if you’re doing simple cad line printing, GIS printing this machine will handle these printouts with total ease and comfort as well! So what makes this ink system so special? Actually, it’s not so much the ink system but the actual hardware that has gone into building this machine, the ink systems are protected from the environment so dust dirt and other creepy crawlies don’t get into it.

Secondly, did you know that there is NO WASTE INK TANK, this intelligent system manages to get away without the need for a separate waste ink tank! This is done through the clever utilization of software and hardware to ensure that inks are used in the most efficient way possible. So you can get your drawings printed without the excessive use of the inks! The machine as long as you don’t turn off the machine(unplug from power point) ensures the inks are kept in the most optimal condition along with the printhead.


Two Rolls: Whats so special?

Two Jumbo Rolls For less Frequent Roll Changes, and Cheaper Purchase price of paper consumables!

The HP T3500 is equipped with two rolls, while this may be something that is relatively common on other large format printers and plotters, this comes with a surprising twist! You see most of the other standard models of printers only have the ability to hold up to a maximum capacity of 50 or at the very max 100 meters of roll paper length. Now let me be clear, the paper is known as a consumable and the cheaper you are able to purchase your consumables the better it is in the long run.

The T3500 allows a customer to purchase jumbo rolls, meaning to say you can load paper up to a maximum length of up to 200 meters.  So what! you may be asking? well, let’s consider two points here which is very important when you buy rolls at this length.

  • Roll changes are less frequent
  • Cost of paper purchase is much less

Result: Roll changes are really a tiresome thing to do, just ask anyone who has a lot of drawings to print, they would have to repeatedly change the paper rolls.  It is not easy and most end users hate to do it.

So with a jumbo roll in place, you change the rolls less frequently. Most inkjet machines have only a 50-meter roll length, so when you have a 200-meter roll, you change once for the equivalent of 3 rolls of paper! This makes life just a little easier and not having to carry heavy rolls of paper to conduct a roll change frequently.

Result: When you purchase your paper at longer lengths the overall cost of the paper is actually cheaper, well at least this is the case here in Singapore. Typically you will see a paper cost savings of at least 30-40%. This means that you can print with lower costs and not worry about keeping and storing a number of smaller rolls, just have a few jumbo rolls kept neatly and that’s all you need!

Oh yes, and one more thing, you may be wondering. The roll diameter is a 3″ core. Now, most inkjet paper uses a 2″ core rolls. So the question would be how then can I use existing 2″ core media if you wanted to print on coated or photo gloss. A simple yet innovative solution is in a place, it’s called the adaptor! The HP T3500 comes equipped with an adaptor that can change the roll diameter from 2″ to 3″ without any effort. This means you can enjoy a wide range of media to use with your T3500 machine.

One other thing, look at this photo.


If you look carefully you can see that the top roll is open, and the second roll is covered and protected. This is so that you can load a normal 80 gsm paper at the top roll which can be used for everyday printing, the second roll which is covered is for keeping more expensive rolls of paper such as coated media, or photo gloss paper. This feature protects your expensive rolls from people walking by or accidentally damaging the expensive plotter paper roll.

Well, this brings me to the end of Part 2 of the T3500 review. In my next blog post we shall look at the software that runs this beautiful machine as well as the unique way of producing color and mono prints for the same price…yes you read that correctly. Color and Mono for the same price. Stay tuned!

We carry a full range of plotters and printers, in fact, this is our profession, we don’t carry a4 or a3 solutions but are strictly and totally focused on the large format industry. To view, our entire range of products visit us at www.largeformatspecialist.com.sg

See ya soon!


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Best Value Large Format Printer In Singapore

Let me introduce you to one very special machine, the Legendary HP Designjet T3500. In my humble opinion possibly one of the best large format printer and wide format plotter in Singapore (for medium size companies).

So why do i say it is one of the best, well let me share some of my experiences so that this may help in making a valuable decision when your purchasing or considering purchasing this machine.

Lets begin for those inclined to the technical side, at the time of writing this article, it has still the heaviest technical load outs for a machine at its price point. Even though HP , Canon and Epson have updated their machines, in terms of technical superiority at this price point it still reigns supreme , why is that so?

  • Intel i5 Core Processor
  • 2.5 GB of ram
  • 128 GB of Virtual memory
  • 500 GB AES Encrypted HDD
  • A 100 Page Stacker
  • Jumbo Rolls

So you see folks…, this machine lacks in no way any lack of technical prowess. So how do all of these things actually really matter what makes this machine one of the best?

First of all lets begin from the very top of the machine and then work our way down so that we can fully appreciate the form and the design of this machine , which is no surprise as to why it won the IF design awards.

The Stacker: 100 Pages Of Perfectly Stacked A1 Copies

You might be wondering, why is the stacker even mentioned after all….how exciting could a stacker be? well if you think about it closely, the T3500 gets its form factor from the mercury line of HP products. This most notably is the HP T930, HP T2530, HP T1530, which formed the core of the machine. Now remember prior to HP’s innovation most plotters did not come with a stacker ( unless of course they were the really expensive ones) A masterstroke in design and functionality the HP Mercury Platform stackers, for the first time allowed an affordable solution for this very important aspect…..stacking.

So what! Its a damn Stacker! whats so special about a stacker! well, here’s the thing, suppose you have a set of drawings to print out, 1 set 20 copies, if you should purchase any machine without a stacker….then yes…you’d get a basket. You heard me right, a basket. Who wan’ts their precious drawings ending up in a basket, crumpled, unsorted, disorganized and  need i mention a Glorious Waste Of Time!! can you imagine yourself sending 20 copies to your plotter , then having to retrieve them from a basket which practically has other drawings on top of it and then having to take them out place them flat and straighten it all over again…jeez give me a break. Trust me if your a business owner you owe it to your staff and your company to invest in a machine with a stacker..if not it will just waste their time and by wasting their time wasting your money.

large format printer, wide format plotter
One of the most convenient and easy ways to stack and retrieve your drawings.

Instead, imagine a scenario, you just sent 20 copies to the plotter, its all been printed. Now its held on neatly by a stacker , simply walk up to your machine hold the copies on both sides and pull straight up….really its that simple. Oh and did i mention, its a 100 page stacker so should you attempt to print 100 a1 drawings on any other machine…fair warning its gonna get chaotic really quickly.  One last thing, other machines do have stackers, however they seem to be rather…how should i say..angled…so in order to see what you were printing you’d have to walk to the back, lift a copy and verify it was indeed your drawing…such hassles should be avoided at all cost!

The Scanner : Color / Mono Scans up to 36″ wide

When it comes to scanning, the HP T3500 is actually powered by another industry giant Contex Scanners. In the world of high performance and good quality scans context is hands down the leader. The HP T3500 wide format plotter comes equipped with this amazing peice of technology from contex. This combination offers seamless integration in a perfect sized bundle. So lets learn about this scanner.

First of all, the tech specs(for the tech inclined),

  • 7.5 inches per second in monochrome
  • 2.5 inches per second in color
  • 600 dpi max scan
  • Scan formats : pdf, jpeg, tiff etc.

Not bad for an all in one scanner…again..tech specs are one thing, lets think of a real life scenario i see every time i see and speak to the customer. Most drawings are rolled, and you know what happens when your drawing is rolled….well it curls. Don’t you just hate having to uncurl your drawing! imagine you had to do 30 scans…curl ,uncurl, curl, uncurl and so on. In a short time your going to get really really really frustrated . So its not really the technical load out that impresses me about this scaner . its two things one its large table size and two its auto width detection. Let me explain.

When you have a large format print or wide format document that is curled and you try to scan it, you better make sure your scanner has the right table width for you to easily slot in your scan drawings. If at the point of inserting your drawing you have to fiddle around just to get that damn curl out of the way the time taken to scan is going to be exponential. The image below shows you what i mean, take the two examples from two leading manufacturers and critically examine the insertion point of the document..then ask yourself..is it going to be easy to slot that drawing in?

A narrow path might have been advantages to the brave spartan men in the movie 300, but to the brave architect , engineer or construction personnel, not really. So what i love about the T3500 large format plotter is that its scan path is HUGE!  You literally get a working table for you to lay your curled drawings flat and easily slot it into the scanner!

large format scanner hp, wide format scanner
A massive scan path to easily place and flatten your curled up drawings

I hope that now you can clearly see the difference a wide scanning input can make, especially when you have a great many scans to scan. The auto detection of the width is also really nifty, you don’t really have to align the document as per the size of the table, simply insert any document at its center and then the machine will automatically realize its width. It performs other cool functions like anti skew and neatly crops out your drawing for you. So its as simple as that.

Scan and copy quicksets :  Making life a little easier

Owning a large format plotter and large format scanner is suppose to make your life much more smoother and alot more efficient. In this respect the HP T3500 comes with this ability to create quick sets.

What is a quick set? : A quick set is a set of parameters that have been preset for you so  that when you walk up to the machine no further inputs are needed.

This works in a simple way for scanning or copying, support you have a color a1 size drawing that you now wish to print in mono chrome. well you can easily do that now. Simply walk up to your machine , slick on scan, select the quick set you desire and thats it.

In another respect you can also make quick sets of enlargements and reductions, so for example you can easily enlarge an a3 size document without having to worry about percentages if you have a quick set ready, simply walk up to the machine and select A3 to A1 and there you have it. No manual calculation needed or any of that brain numbing work.

There are factory quick sets that come with the machine but you can always add your own and you can also delete them if you find them no longer useful. The scanner allows you also to scan a multi page document, so if you have 10 copies and simply want one pdf file, then select the multi page file format. Its really that simple!

Well folks as this is part 1 of my blog post of the T3500,  i shall continue again to show you how and why this plotter is one of the best large format printers in singapore…and trust me we are just getting started!

Do write to me or visit my webpage below to see my entire portfolio and i look forward to hearing from you!

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Big Rep : Large Size 3D Printer Singapore

The Most Affordable Big Sized 3D Printer In Singapore!

A large size 3d printer to allow you to print larger parts for industrial applications

Wow, that’s what i exclaimed after i first saw this 3D printer! I was excited to see this machine for a couple of reasons. The most exciting part about this 3D printer has to do with its build volume !

So whats so exciting about the size, well in this blog series i am going to take you my readers on a journey of possibilities. We are going to understand what this machine is and follow it up with a myriad of applications. This journey will be exciting , eye opening and most importantly give you an idea of the possibilities.

So lets begin with whats currently happening in the 3D market in Singapore. The first thing you will notice, is that there has always been a hype about 3D printing in Singapore. Most customers or potential customers remain unconvinced about the possibilities of 3D machines.

This is either to do with,  incorrect machines, cheap machines, poor print quality , understanding of applications and much more. When looking at 3d printing machines, what happens is an emotional response occurs almost instantly.

The ability to build, make and design things has always been a part of the human psyche. We have a strong reaction to something so innovative. I always advise to anyone looking at a 3D machine ..to take a moment step back and understand why your excited. Take this excitement and see if there is an actual use for it and most importantly whether you would want to use it.

Excitement is good but it must tie into a real world solution. There are literally a myriad of 3d printers that you can purchase from just about anywhere. You will immediately notice that their build volume is usually pretty tiny. We live in the real world, and in the real world we use ‘big’ things not minuscule models of things. Now using a large sized 3D printer will bridge the gap from machines that are producing tiny prototypes to machines that will actually build, prototype, create and make products that we all can use.

This is where the BigREP comes into play. So lets explore some important technical details, there are some others however these are i feel the most important:

  • x 1050 mm y 1050 mm z 1050 mm build size 
    • The build size allows for large objects to be printed
    • More than a cubic volume
  • Resolution : 100-1000 micron layer thickness
    • This refers to the thickness of each layer
    • The thicker the layer the faster the printout however the lower the resolution
    • 100 microns is equivalent to = 0.1 mm
    • 1000 microns is equivalent to = 1 mm
  • Extruder : Two modular Extrusion Heads
    • having two extrusion heads allows for layers having different colors
    • you can also print different materials in between layers to create unique and special effects
  • Fabrication Method : FFF
    • The industry standard to make parts that are strong
    • The easiest to understand method for fabrication.

The above gives you some important highlights, namely it has to do with the quality of print, size of the print and also the method of fabrication. I know what your thinking , it looks like a basic 3d printer that’s just been enlarged. This however is very far from the truth. I urge you to take a look at this video to give you a basic understanding of what this machine can do before we go on to the next part of the detailed features of this machine!

Stay tuned to my next blog post which will go into the detailed features of why this machine is fundamentally different from other large size 3d printers that are available.

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